Cold Planing for Any Size Job


Roadtec RX-900 — Five Machines

Equipped with a 950hp (708 kW) Caterpillar® engine, this machine cuts up to 8 feet (235cm) wide and 14" (35.5 cm) deep. The RX-900 is the best choice if you do lots of full-lane, high-production milling. Power's the name of the game here.

Roadtec RX-700 — four Machines

The RX-700 solidly treads the middle ground between production and maneuverability, providing an optimal mix of the two. It features a 755 hp (563 kW) Cummins engine and can cut up to 7' 2" wide and13" (33 cm) deep.

Types of Cold Planing drums available:


Standard Milling:

  • 5/8 inch cutter bit spacing for general purpose and deep cuts.

Fine Milling:

  • 5/16 inch cutter bit spacing for improved ridability.

Micro Milling:

  • 0.2 inch(just over 3/16") cutter bit spacing for thin overlays, greater smoothness.  This spacing size is also used on bridge decks and for skid resistance.