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Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming is an equal opportunity employer. We can provide union services depending on your specific location. Explore a career with Garrity.
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Areas Served

We service areas throughout New York and all New England states.

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Our Services


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Package Milling
marker2 Cleanup Structures
marker2 Cleanup Sweeping
marker2 Trucks
marker2 Flaggers / Police
Package Reclaiming
marker2 Full Depth Reclaiming
marker2 Excess Material Load
marker2 Trucking Excess
marker2 Fine Grade & Roll
marker2 Calcium Application
Package Signs & Cones
marker2 Option for Above

Now in our twenty fifth year, Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming, Inc. has approximately sixty employees and utilizes a wide array of equipment to support its pavement reclamation, cold planing, fine grading & rolling, calcium chloride and snow plowing operations. It is the largest company of its type serving the New England and New York market.